YONEX Nanoray i Speed Badminton Racket (Unstrung)

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YONEX Nanoray i Speed- Achieve SNAP BACK ZONE With new and unique frame design, Yonex introduces the Nanoray I speed racket for advance badminton player for those who really need lighting fast racket response. This racket is equipped with snap back zone frame concept in which frame is kept at thinner at mid point at the top area and equipped with innovative material (more elastic material). This new configurations helps in generating explosive acceleration and repulsion from racket. Further, to make more powerful shots, Yonex used compact frame in which more aerodynamic and compact frame is used (this will reduce the drag forces). By doing so, players get fast racket head speed and opportunity to get fast racket smashes.

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The latest head-light series from YONEX, NANORAY provides a fast and controlled swing with enhanced repulsion via the New Aero Frame. NANORAY is designed for players who force their opponents into the back of the court with extreme speed. The thinner top of the frame sides minimize air resistance for greater head speed, while the thicker sides at the bottom of the head generate maximum repulsion through greater frame stiffness.

Key Specification of YONEX Nanoray i Speed
1. Weight of the racket is around 88 gms while its grip size is G4.
2. Racket frame material is HM graphite and super HMG (at top mid position).
3. Player can put 19 to 24 lbs string tension (recommended string: Yonex NBG 99) .
4. Racket flex is medium which gives control feel to badminton players.
5. This racket is equipped with SBZ technology which gives explosive power and superb acceleration. This type of racket characteristics helps player in playing better drop shots, fast drive shots and lightening fast smashes.
6. Racket is developed with compact frame which gives less air resistance and results into fast racket handling.
7. X-Fullerene material is used at racket shaft (X-Fullerene has 4 radial ribs which unite carbon atoms to form a football-like structure). This type of material structure at racket shaft gives 5% more repulsion and 15% more stability.
8. Improved Isometric shape of frame helps in enlarged sweet spot.
9. Powerful hits by YONEX Nanoray i Speed . Nanoray I speed is developed with horizontal A concept which helps in creating small racket frame. Further, it focuses on crating 4 main strings on horizontally. Due to flat horizontal angle of grommets, now string move very smoothly from string bed and creates enlarged sweet spot.

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