Srixon Distance Golf Balls 12pcs-1Box

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Srixon Distance Dozen Golf Balls These golf balls are technology packed to create high initial velocity on every shot with high launch angle and with a 432 dimple pattern, you can discover greater distance with a more responsive lightweight feel. Ideal for high handicap golfers. These superb golf balls have been created with a 2-piece construction offering maximum performance on the golf course. The cover design, a highly resilient ionomer cover results in longer drives and superior cut proof durability, while it has a large Energetic Gradient Growth core in the centre.
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The new Srixon Distance Golf Ball has a higher initial velocity and a softer compression compared to the previous model along with a penetrating ball flight to provide optimum distance.

 A responsive, light feel and exceptional durability make it ideal for those with a swing speed of 80mph+.

 Highly resilient Ionomer Cover provides longer drives and exceptional cut proof durability.

 A highly resilient large Energetic Gradient Growth Core and soft compression gives high initial velocity, high launch angle and low spin to maximize distance while maintaining greenside performance.

 The aerodynamically superior 432 dimple configuration provides a true and penetrating flight and reduces drag to provide a consistent trajectory.

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