Mizuno Garland Steel Iron 5-SW Pre-owned

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Condition:     Good 

Categories: Pre-Owned


Clubs in Good Condition have been played with and cared for in an appropriate fashion. The markings that you will likely find on Good Condition products will show typical wear of models of its age. All of the wear is purely cosmetic, and will not in any way affect the performance of the club. Among the wear that you may see on clubs in Very Good Condition: NOTE: Some irons are designed to rust over time. This is not considered adverse wear. Normal ball marks on the faces; minor scratching on the soles; no significant dings on the heads; no significant wear on the shafts.
Condition :         Good
Brand:                Mizuno
Model:                Garland Super
Player Type :      Men
Clubs Type:        5-SW, Iron Set
Dexterity:            Right Hand
Flex:                   Regular
Length:               tandard
Type:                  5-SW
Grip:                   Standard



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