Callaway Sure Out Wedge

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The head is a little bigger than a traditional size wedge and the grooves cover a far larger percentage of the face. The grooves are machine milled rather than cast into the club, to create a far tighter quality tolerance which leads to more spin, consistency and control around the greens. The sole is the real eye catcher! The designers spent a lot of time working on the width, bounce and chamber of the sole to produce this ultimate forgiving club. The grind on the sole of the club enables the golfer to open up the face without the leading edge coming off the ground leading to this wedge being more forgiving than others on the market. 

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Easy Explosions from Greenside Bunkers
New enhanced-camber, high-bounce Sure Out sole glides cleanly through sand without the need to open the face at address, generating easy, high, soft-landing shots. 

Solid Contact for Consistent Distance Control

A wider sole and larger face area promote solid face-to-ball contact for optimal distance control.

High Spin for Fast-stopping Shots

17 full-face grooves and an aggressive groove geometry promote fast, shot-stopping spin even on off-centre hits.

Premium Wedge-Specific Shafts

Lightweight steel and graphite options expressly designed to promote responsiveness and feel. 

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