TaylorMade TP 5X Golf Balls 12 pcs- 1Box

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The ball that everyone seems to be talking about. TaylorMade, like never before are so excited by a golf ball. In fact forget about M1 TaylorMade have made so well, it's the golf ball they seemed most excited by. The footage of John Rahm testing them, he seemed blown away by hitting them considerably further, launching higher, and better in the wind. While the previous line had a Tour Preferred X golf ball that was made with five layers, the new line now expands that 5-layer design into both the TP5 and TP5x golf balls. Thereƒ??s also a new, larger ƒ??Tri-Fastƒ? core, and a ƒ??Dual-Spinƒ? cover that creates more spin with wedges, but less spin with lower-lofted clubs.
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5 LAYERS. ZERO COMPROMISES TP5x feature a Tri-Fast Core and Dual-Spin Cover that combine for a 5-layer golf ball construction that is specifically engineered to perform with every club in your bag.

TRI-FAST CORE The unique 3-layer core system in TP5 and TP5x features progressive compression, enabling maximum energy transfer and generating massive speed on full shots.

DUAL-SPIN COVER The contrast of an ultra-soft cast urethane cover and a semi-rigid inner-cover creates maximum interaction between the cover and club grooves, resulting in exceptional spin performance with full wedge shots and pinpoint control from around the green.


According to TaylorMade’s initial tour player testing, the TP5 will be higher launching with irons (1-2 degrees), lower spinning (500-1000 rpm with irons, 0-200 rpm with a driver), therefore tri fast gives the speed - yet the softer core reduces long iron and driver spin. Ok down to the short sticks - you want spin and control right? You have it with the Dual spin mantle layers - This control comes from the Dual-Spin Cover that consists of a rigid inner cover and a soft cast urethane outer cover. On shots around the green that soft cast urethane is going to get pinched between the club face and the rigid inner cover. That is what gives us great spin and greenside control when struck aggressively and steeply with a lofted club.

Cast urethane has several advantages. It is well known on Tour, it offers the feel with the putting that the Tour players expect as well as the spin around the green that they are looking for, but it is also very durable so it is not going to want to cut. The 5-layer construction is very significant because it allows TM to separate driver and iron distance or spin from greenside or wedge spin. Being able to de-couple that spin rate on the wedges versus with your irons is important because typically in a 3 or 4 layer construction if you make the cover softer to get more greenside spin it is also going to impact your iron spin and your driver spin. So the advantage of 5-layers is being able to de-couple your drivers and irons from your wedges. The TP5X is 90 compression and designed for players who are looking for a little firmer golf ball for a high speed ball players who like to crunch a ball - what a story and performance- at the very least you have to try it!

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