Nike VRS Covert Graphite Irons 4-AW

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The Covert has a higher MOI, and more head stability, than its predecessor. An updated “NexCor” face produces faster balls speeds than in the previous VRS Covert.

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PLAYABILITY: High and straight; there’s no lie these nimble heads can’t handle; one of the best shot-shaping clubs in the category; mid-handicappers can enjoy them; wonderful soaring ball flight.

ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Plenty of forgiveness in a compact package; super easy to hit; reduces sidespin, few directional misses; many testers salute its consistency.

DISTANCE CONTROL: Top of the class—several guys controlled yardages better with these than with any others; a few guys can squeeze out some extra yards when needed; very repeatable lengths.

FEEL: More dialed-in feedback than you’d expect; super stable through impact; among the most rewarding clubs; softer impact sensation than many others tested.

LOOK: One of the best-looking models—more like a Game- Improvement iron than a Max GI; classic shape with lots of hidden help; a forged-blade look with extra muscle.

BOTTOM LINE: One of the top-ranked models. A very good option for advanced Max GI players who find that hybrid-long irons aren’t for them.

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