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The Mizuno MP-4 is the purest of forged muscle backs, with a noticeably smaller face at ball address, and is for shot-makers seeking the ultimate control over their ball flight. On most irons the blade length of the iron gets longer as the club gets shorter. The MP-4 bucks that and instead of increasing blade length, Mizuno engineers added weight to the MP-4 irons by increasing the size of the muscle pad behind the sweetspot of the irons, which is the reason for the irons' pronounced bulge, or "Pure Muscle".

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  •  Pure Muscle Design: Bulging muscle ensures thickness behind impact for solid feel
  •  Shotmaker's profile: Thin top line and reduced offset help manipulate ball flight
  •  Variable Muscle Bulge: More bulge in the short irons for trajectory control
  •  New profile 8-PW: More compact than previous MP irons
  •  Grain Flow Forged: From a single 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel billet for enhanced feel
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