Mizuno D201 Golf Balls 2 Doz ( BOGO Offer)

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The versatility of this ball is thanks to the combination of the Cavity Cross Core and Soft Ionomer Cover. This allows you to get maximum distance on your full shots and have the feel and responsiveness you need around the greens on your more delicate shots where you need control. A Cavity Cross Core is at the centre of the ball and helps you to generate more distance and carry by helping create less spin from your club face. This is the unique way that Mizuno harnesses all of the energy you put info the ball at impact so your momentum gives higher initial ball speeds for insane distances. Get feel and responsiveness around the green is always difficult with a distance ball, Mizuno have used a soft Ionomer cover on each of the D201 Golf balls, this gives you a great feel and touch on each of those short chips so your confident your ball will end up near the pin! This versatile D201 Golf Ball has a 360 dimple design which perfectly matches the Cross Core so maximum distance is achieved from the more stable ball flight and hang time which the ball spends in the air.


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  • Soft Ionomer Cover - Makes for better feel in and around the Greens
  • 360 Seamless Dimples - Engineered to complement cross core characteris,characteristics for ultimate hang time
  • Secure Cover/Core Branding – Cross core Ribs connected to reduce energy loss
  • Intelligent Spin - Uses Cavity Cross core internal fins to specifically reduce driver spin for increased Carry and Distance.
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