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Odyssey Backstryke 2 Ball Putter Preowned 34 Inch Zoom

Odyssey Backstryke 2 Ball Putter Preowned 34 Inch

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Imagine a putter so revolutionary that it improves your stroke. Imagine a putter that puts your mind at ease. Imagine a putter that will change the way people think about putting forever. Welcome to a better engineered putting stroke. Forward Press Stabilization promotes an ascending stroke into the ball, quickly imparting true, forward roll. The unique shaft position creates a stable, straight line with the lead arm so your wrists are far less likely to break down during the stroke. Visible Face Alignment allows you to clearly see if the face is square to the target line without the shaft impeding your line of sight, providing an unprecedented visual aid to line up putts and significantly improve accuracy.

Product Description


The rear-shafted design makes it ultra-easy to align the clubface to your target (the shaft won't impede your line of sight). The shaft angle also creates a natural forward press without delofting the putter, so the ball tracks nicely to the hole. The shaft position (near the head's center of gravity) enables you to swing the club back and forth freely. The club's design also allows you to set up with the putter forward in your stance, your hands ahead of the ball, and your eyes behind the ball.


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