Callaway EXIA Cart Bag 2020 White/Red

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Callaway Exia 20 JM

[size] 9.5 type (47 inches of correspondence) / 3.8 kg

[material] Synthetic leather

[features] A mouth frame: Division into four
■Entering logo bottom
■Injection grip
■Front fully open pocket
■Shoes impotence blanket
■Full-length separator

The basic model that garnished a high-quality PU material with studs



More Information
The name :  20 JM (Men's) Callaway Exia 20 JM
Size : 9.5 type (47 inches of correspondence) / 3.8 kg
Color : 5120271 white / navy / red, 5120272 black, 5120273 navies, 5120274 white / black
Material : Synthetic leather
Features : A mouth frame: Division into four

■Entering logo bottom

■An injection grip:
It is easy to fit a shape of the hand, and easiness of durability improves.

■A front fully open pocket:
Confirmation and the putting in and out such as a ball, a glove, the accessory become easy, and usability improves by adopting the front pocket which greatly opens.

■A full-length separator:
The linkage of the club is reduced in a bag by a mouth frame by establishing the partition to the base region.

■Shoes impotence blanket:
Usability improves by adopting the large pocket which is available for the storing of shoes in the back bag part.
Others : As there is the wear of the series, I check it together. Coordinates are possible

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