Yonex Nanoray LPLUS 8 Badminton Racket

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YONEX Nanoray series is designed for those badminton players who want fast Racket Swing speed .Nanoray series is a head light series in which racket balance is kept toward handle side. Due to its light head, racket move fast is air and gives lightening fast swing speed by which you can supersize your opponent. Nanoray series uses the X-FULLERENE technology in which carbon fiber joint rich material is placed at racket shaft. This type of structure results into enhanced material properties like increase in bending strength by 103 % which give better racket durability , Increase in repulsion by 109 % which give quick shot delivery and stiffness improved by 107% which results into better shaft stability helps in accurate shot placement.
YONEX Nanoray series is equipped with Aero frame technology. In this technology racket frame is designed in aerodynamic shape which gives better racket dynamics and reduce the air resistance. Due to less air resistance, racket moves very fast in air and player observed better racket swing speed. Better Swing speed helps in quick shot placements.

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Change the face of your badminton games by using a high end racquet like this Yonex Nanoray L. This  racquet from the Nanoray series is known to have high repulsion power and great speed.

Designed for Intermediate Level

This racquet is designed for players who are familiar with the dynamics of badminton and are slowly progressing towards the advanced-level.

G4 Grip Size

A thicker grip like this allows you to hold the racquet firmly in your hand and also allows you to smash the shuttle with immense power.

Graphite Shaft

Graphite keeps the racquet lightweight so that you can swing it with ease.

Playing Level: Intermediate

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