Yonex Nanoray 7000I Badminton Racquet

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This yonex badminton racket is made with top quality graphite material which provides you durable performance. Yonex nanoray 7000 racquet constructions increase the thickness of graphite or carbon fiber layers for high strength, which adds weight to the frame and makes a racquet difficult to manoeuvre. This engineering process gives Yonex sensitive control over how the racquet materials function at the molecular level thereby establishing a high-performance molecular bond and creating a stable, thinner and stronger headlight racquet.
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Speed and Manoeuvrability

Nanoray racquets are all about speed. These racquets are head-light to increase your speed behind each swing, while generating high repulsion power. Advanced technology ensures high repulsion power on all your high-speed shots.

Built-in T-joint

The Built-in T-joint connects the frame and shaft and creates a one-piece frame that resists the effects of torque on impact. This results in an extremely durable, stable racquet and string bed.


ISOMETRIC technology changes the round head shape of traditional racquets into a revolutionary square head shape, which creates more right angles at string intersections within the racquet head. The result is a larger sweet spot, improving your accuracy and control.

Solid Feel Core

SOLID FEEL CORE cuts out random vibrations that are created at impact, increasing the stability and solidity of all shots.


An innovative material that bonds carbon fibres in a cross-linking pattern, which creates 15% greater face stability and also increases repulsion power. The strength of X-Fullerene also allows for the construction of a thinner frame, increasing manoeuvrability and swing speed.

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