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Li-Ning G-force Power 1500 Badminton Racquet

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Li-Ning is one of the established sport firms known worldwide for their superior quality gear and accessories. They have made their mark in the field of badminton by producing the best badminton sports gear. Their shoes have been famous all over because of the excellent bounce, cushioning, shock absorption and breathability. As a leader in the worldwide market, their name is a trusted brand by numerous badminton stars. Millions of loyal customers prefer their products as far as badminton is concerned.
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Play with Powerful Badminton Racket
Li Ning G Force 1500 Badminton Racket is equipped with all new features which make this racket extremely powerful and destructive for opponent. With innovative technology, G Force 1500 will provide you 2.8% shuttle speed while it will give you 7.8 % less drag force which eventually results into powerful hitting with optimum control over shots. G force 1500 comes in Red and White color scheme and it is made of very light weight carbon fiber material. Its weight is W3 (86 to 89 gms) while it is available in S2 grip configuration.
Ultra Carbon Series
LI Ning G Force 1500 Racket Shaft is made strong material know as Ultra Carbon fiber. This material gives excellent rigidity to sustain impact load at very low weight. As it gives higher racket frame strength so it can sustain deformation and give more rigidity to frame. With More rigidity , Frame can sustain the load and regain its original shape quickly and gives players to added advantage to perform better shots.
Improved Sweet spot by DOF (Dynamic Optimum Frame)
Sweet spot is considered as an area where player get maximum power. Badminton players always want to make a shuttle contact at sweet spot. If player will get enlarged sweet spot then it will be an added advantage for them. Li ning G Force Power 1500 is developed with Dynamic Optimum Frame technology which gives enlarged sweet spot results into more hitting area for badminton player.

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