Mizuno Power Arc Glove Grey- Left Palm for Right Handed Golfer

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Mizuno Power Arc Glove Grey- Left Palm for Right Handed Golfer
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‚?ý‘ø?  suppress the slack of the power to grasp it in an impact, and to be crowded and raise the concentration of the grip. (patent 3919433)
Š¯«‚? Long belt structure.
†??†§Ÿ prevent the torsion of the thumb swinging by a cloth errand and the stitch method of the thumb part,
I reduce sewing actually.
A new authorized standard "Mizuno green grade" of the environment-conscious product bronze medal.


Size 21-26cm
Material A flat side: Synthetic leather (Vesta8) + nano front desk
The former side: Synthetic leather (Vesta8) power Arkla in with
Other 1 adopts the power Arkla in that located parts on the back of the hand part from the middle finger, the third finger, the finger of the little finger. (patent 3919433) bring about the power that grasp back by hanging tension on the big fist part of the curve in particular, the finger indirect part. I suppress the slack in the impact and thereby support a grip strongly.
The long shot belt structure that I adopted immediately in the upper part of the wrist raises the concentration of the grip 2 more.
Irregularities of the nano size of the fiber surface adopt "the nano front desk" of Teijin Ltd. producing big frictional force on the part that coherence is necessary in the grip of the palm 3. I show a big grip power.
"Sam fitting processing 2" to prevent the torsion of the thumb which sew it with a cloth for thumb part trainer, and is swinging by a method, and to reduce a seam area 4 (patent 5466279)
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